Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Locator / XPath Generator

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XPath/Locator plays vital role for Selenium automation. XPath for the same control can have various forms. Different people have different way of creating XPath. However best XPath is direct and small. ID is the best option for a locator. Larger the XPath, longer will be the processing time. Same is the case with wild card characters uses. Also 'contains' should be avoided if possible. Its important that XPath should be well constructed. Most of the XPath Generator available generates XPath which is either long or inefficient. This tool will be smart enough to generate best XPath for Selenium automation.

Features to be included:
Direct XPath: Look for Id or the smallest XPath that can identify the element.
Relative XPath: If the element need to be identified relative to another element.

If you have any suggestion or want some feature to be included do share with us.